Back to blogging

I’m back to blogging.

Or, more accurately, I’m back to having a space to blog.  

Thanks to the good folks at Colour Outside, this site has been fully revamped.  It is still a space where I can stash musings and longer thoughts, where I can write about history and libraries and reading and writing.  It offers me more space to link other work–writing and speaking–and also both my Twitter and new Instagram accounts.

But it’s also now more explicitly a space to share my research, which is something I’ll be doing on Instagram, too; you can find me there at VernacularGenealogy.  I’ll be posting images there of many of the research tidbits I’ll be writing about here– how people in the early modern world, and specifically in #VastEarlyAmerica, connected to family, imagined family, and recorded family.  I’m finally ready to do more of this now that my revised manuscript for Lineage:  Genealogy and the Power of Connection in 18th Century British America is finished– or close enough, and heading back to my editor.

What are some of the things I’m excited to write about?  So many stories I couldn’t jam into the book, for one!  And some of the questions about how the archival evidence came into the archives–or not, and all the many ways that matters.  How family history is political history, is economic history, is very much the history of a very, very #VastEarlyAmerica.  

I’m also excited to keep writing about early America most broadly, how and why we understand that history as we do, and what that has meant over time.  On this blog I’ve often written roundups of July 4th writing, and a few times about Thanksgiving–basically the holidays that news editors typically look to historians of early America for.

And, as ever, I’ll want to keep writing about reading.  Reading–how and why and with what and by what means we do it–is endlessly fascinating as a historical phenomenon, as a technology, and as an experience.  I’m so fortunate to work in a special collections library that combines so many of my intellectual interests as well as my professional commitments.  Over at the JCB’s blog I’ll write about the latter; here I’ll write about the former.  Or at least that’s how I see it now.

Thanks for reading!  More soon, and regularly.

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