Donald Trump’s Records Aren’t All That’s Missing from the Archives: America’s Archives Tell An Incomplete Version of our History.

Oct 25, 2022 Washington Post
The unprecedented crisis between former president Donald Trump and the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) highlights the Archives’ critical government and public service role. It also

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How Yellow Fever Intensified Racial Inequality in 19th-Century New Orleans

Apr 19, 2022 Smithsonian Magazine
A new book explores how immunity to the disease created opportunities for white, but not Black, people

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A Century Ago, American Reporters Foresaw the Rise of Authoritarianism in Europe

Mar 14, 2022 Smithsonian Magazine
A new book tells the stories of four interwar writers who laid the groundwork for modern journalism

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Open Twitterversity

Aug 23, 2021 The Panorama
No matter how much I read about it, I can’t really grasp the phenomenon that is social media. I wondered years ago if it would

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A 1722 Murder Spurred Native Americans’ Pleas for Justice in Early America

Apr 28, 2021 Smithsonian Magazine
In a new book, historian Nicole Eustace reveals Indigenous calls for meaningful restitution and reconciliation rather than retribution.

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How Black Women Brought Liberty to Washington in the 1800s

Mar 5, 2021 Smithsonian Magazine
A new book shows us the capital region’s earliest years through the eyes and the experiences of leaders like Harriet Tubman and Elizabeth Keckley

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The Scholarly Kitchen

What Universities — and Libraries, Researchers, and Publishers? — Owe Democracy

Jun 16, 2022 The Scholarly Kitchen
It has been an intense couple of weeks here in the United States as the US Congress begins its public hearings on the events of

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Humanities and Graduate Education:  The Crisis is Real, but Not New

Apr 29, 2022 The Scholarly Kitchen
It’s not all bad news for the humanities in the United States, but there isn’t much good news either. The Humanities Indicators Project released a

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Unreachable/ Unwritable Histories: Russia, Ukraine, Eastern Europe

Apr 7, 2022 The Scholarly Kitchen
There are so many contexts in which history is impossible. Some are systemic. Subtle or explicit forces make histories impossible by disallowing them as we

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Reading About Libraries and Librarians

Dec 16, 2021 The Scholarly Kitchen
One of the constants in scholarly communication is the importance of understanding the full system of knowledge production. Whether you are a researcher, work in

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What Universities Have Wrought: An Interview with Davarian Baldwin

Jun 14, 2021 The Scholarly Kitchen
Headlines remind us that the crisis of higher education in the United States, in which universities that are squeezed for resources are cutting programs and

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