The pieces here are quick takes on something I’ve come across that’s caught my interest.  They’re sometimes about items I’ve written about or posted on Instagram, and wanted to say just a little more about.  Still, these are research shorts.  I hope you like the format.

Love, Actually?

Jul 20, 2023 Family Histories, Genealogy
“”The Love Affair . . . now Trouble.” Taking sex to court in early America was fairly common; in different jurisdictions across British American men and

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Family Connection

Nov 16, 2022 Genealogy
Genealogy is not just an activity that people are doing now; obviously genealogical work has a history or I wouldn’t be writing a book about

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The Forger’s Family Records

Nov 4, 2022 Uncategorized
With the Netflix documentary, Murder Among the Mormons, putting forger Mark Hofmann back in the news, I’m reminded of an early American connection between family

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